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Looking to the future…and finally smiling

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I know what that word means. I remember feeling it as a little kid when I first watched historic footage of John F. Kennedy’s inauguration speech, three decades after he gave it. What little understanding I came away with was overtaken by this incredible emotion I felt inside to do something…great. To wake up. To stand for something. To be a part of something greater than myself.

I felt it again some years later, in college, upon hearing a clip of his younger brother Robert’s speech in reaction to Martin Luther King’s assassination. This one affected me differently; it was one of the deepest reflections on life, and the wastefulness of violence, that I have ever heard. I found myself crying…I just couldn’t believe it.

JFK…MLK…RFK…men whose messages transcended the silly barriers and differences we create here on earth for ourselves. Men whose voices humanity will forever remember. Men who gave their lives while trying their best to bring forth their vision of a better world for you and me. Their words are immortal.

I want to live Martin Luther King’s dream so bad. I want it to come true. And I want this country that I love so much to inspire us and the rest of the world again as it once did…to be the beacon of light that it is meant to be.

My generation was desperate for its JFK. We needed a voice that could lead us, that could make our eyes shine and our hearts fill with hope. I was 20 when I heard in 2004 Barack Obama speak at the DNC. I was blown away. I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face long after he’d walked off the podium…I was euphoric because I had found that voice! I could feel it inside! Now, four years later, I can attest to the thoughts and feelings of my generation, which are that our time has come. We have found our voice. Barack Obama has come, and never have I seen my generation so roused and motivated, for the first time in our lives.

I never thought we’d see the day when a politician would once again rise and lead us in this beautiful revolution to change our hearts and minds so that we may strive for that better future together, as one.

At last, we have found our inspiration.

Whatever happens, thank you, Barack for making our eyes shine and our hearts fill with hope.

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It starts.


I know nothing about blogs and/or blogging, but I think that’s an advantage. Plus I’m a fast learner. But I’m ready to participate and to revolutionize this game. If I’m in this, I’m in this to open up and blow minds.

Pleasure to be here, people.